Cosmopolitan is a full-fledged school that focuses on achieving high academic standards and aims to inspire its students to pursue excellence in all walks of their lives. The school not only imparts

 wholesome & excellent education to its students but also believes in making them independent and well- rounded individuals who can further contribute to society.



This is a very stimulating and interesting input to make the child’s first learning experience fruitful. We use colourful charts, puppets, innovative teaching aids, and practical experiences to keep things interesting.

We also have a mini theatre to assist in chapter wise or topic wise e-learning. This Smart Class teaching method is from CBM, an international level computer-based learning program.

Spirituality is another aspect that we focus on in our school through our weekly spiritual classes conducted by ISKCON, every Saturday. As spirituality is referred to the ‘deepest values and meanings by which people live’, we wanted to empower our students with ‘self-awareness’ so that they can greatly improve their lives and realize their true ‘value’.




This arena is used for a diverse set of activities such as ball pool, baby gymnasium, doll house, activity boards etc. This kind of concept is introduced in the academic curriculum to enhance

the children’s’ creative talents, develop their self-esteem, and build moral values; thereon brightening the toddler’s mind to shine.

We also conduct regular value-based assembly with moral stories, and a variety of fun-filled activities like puppet shows, Classical & Western dance classes, origami sessions, Aerobics,

physical fitness programs, drawing, and lots more. Basically, we believe that a healthy combination of competitions and celebrations is integral to our students’ growth.