Aim. Asipre. Achieve.

We Care For Them As Much As You Do

Cosmopolitan is a full fledged school that focuses on achieving high academic standards and aims to impart the pursuit of excellence to its students in all walks of life. The school does not stop at just imparting a wholesome and excellent education to its students but also believes in making them independent and well-rounded individuals who will further contribute to the society.


Aim is the most pivotal element in the strive for success. We wish to motivate every child to set the 'correct' goals and targets, that's best suited to their potential, capabilities, and aptitudes. When a child has goals, they work towards achieving it while imbibing the values of hard work, passion and efficiency. At Cosmopolitan, failure is treated as a stepping stone to success and is celebrated with rewards or awards. Complete emphasis is given on the 'learning process'. We understand that every child is unique and we provide all possible help to our students to help them achieve their goals.


Aspirations go hand in hand with achievements. When one aspires to be something, he or she opens up to change and effort. At Cosmopolitan, we promote keeping an open mind towards new insights, discoveries and innovation. Every child who aspires to be something has to be moulded as per his/her personality so that they're able to face challenges and ultimately succeed.


Goals are never achievable without constant effort and endurance. We cater to this need of achievement by triggering off an undying spirit of zeal and compassion. It is a cherished vision our students are expected to possess, one that they have to constantly grow with. We teach them how to fulfill the dreams that they have seen for themselves. Cosmopolitan High School has produced and will always continue to produce achievers par excellence who are life long learners. 

Cosmopolitan high school

Cosmopolitan high school